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Andy Harris
Motoring and Property Editor
4:40 PM 10th May 2021

Local Car Customization Business Finds Direction During Lockdown

Deep into lockdown one and during the initial stages of the pandemic, Jamie Booth, pressurised from his current corporate employer to work whilst furloughed, began to pave a new path for himself. His desire was to detach himself from the corporate clutches and thus 'Prime Customs' was founded.

Wishing to offer better practices, customer service and attention to detail than he had seen at previous aftermarket leaders, the aim was to offer a better selection of products for petrolheads owning anything from a Ford Fiesta to a Lamborghini Urus.

Beginning with a baseline ecommerce platform, the company offers prime brands such as ABT Sportline and Urban Automotive. Jamie’s real goal however is to offer a build service with the ambition to move onto producing his own fleet of Prime Customs vehicles and designing and developing his own parts.

An electric vehicle project is already underway alongside white label projects for other builders, so it looks like Jamie is attempting to realise that goal in under a year of trading.

Realising he could not do this alone, Jamie has recently enlisted the help of local car photographer Will Larmour of Route 65 Photography. From photographing business owner Jamie’s custom VW Golf, he has moved swiftly into his new role as Brand Manager at the company.

Will has been photographing many of the press cars that come my way and in his free time he will doubtless continue to do so. A talented young man.

Jamie told us:

“People do not realise how, although the service and products we sell are not necessity, these items and builds put a smile on the faces of clients as their cars represent them and their own individuality.

Like a tattoo or a nice watch, customising your car is unique to you and the community is awesome. If we can do that during a pandemic who knows what we can continue to achieve”

I look forward to seeing how the company progresses and hope to try out some of their unique offerings in the very near future.

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