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11:46 AM 8th November 2020

Lockdown 2 - What This Time?

by Lee Vue
by Lee Vue
Lockdown 2.0 is here and this time around we know, somewhat, what to expect.

This time it may seem harder because we know how it felt last time and we don’t want to feel those feelings again; on the other hand, it could be easier because we have time to prepare and we can put things in place to help us get through it.

I asked on my Instagram what helped you get through Lockdown 1? - and these were some of the responses I got:

Getting a pet

Pets are fabulous, they keep you busy and occupied, especially a puppy or a kitten that just wants your undivided attention, attention that you now have free to spare.

Being crafty

One woman told me about how she continued to make earrings for her online business. Picking up a craft such as clay-making, knitting and painting, could be something that you continue to do in the future, not just in this isolation period.


I’m not going to suggest making more banana bread again because surely, we’re all banana breaded out by now, so why not try cooking up new cuisines, cracking open that cookbook you’ve had for years on the shelf, or actually try making that pasta you saw on the telly and thought you’d give a whirl. Also, the satisfaction of completing a task you’ve done yourself can fill you with so much joy - and then you can share that meal with others in your household, or indulge yourself.

by Ryan McGuire
by Ryan McGuire

Now, I’m not saying you have to flick on Joe Wicks every day or become super fit and buff by the end of lockdown, but speaking from my own experience, doing some form of exercise every day, even out of lockdown, has really helped me structure my day. It’s kept me motivated and given me a reason to leave the house, so I’m not confined to the same four walls all day.

These were some of the suggestions from Lockdown 1, so I asked about Lockdown 2.

What do you want to try during Lockdown 2?

These were some of the responses:

Develop better time management

Some people found that during the first Lockdown, they wasted their days away, which ended up with them feeling worse during and after the period. Sleeping in till midday, or sitting on the couch staring at the screen can be great some days but in the long run it can leave you feeling sluggish and unproductive and can leave you looking back on your day in a negative way.

Better sleeping patterns

We all took advantage of not having to get up by a certain time on a morning - which also meant not having to go to bed at a reasonable time at night. Staying up, scrolling through social media or watching films - sleeping in and waking up to discover it’s almost dinnertime. However, when it came time to come out of Lockdown and head back to work, sleeping patterns needed to be back and intact.

More 'me' time

Put that mask on you’ve had sat in the drawer for weeks on end. Watch that TV series you’ve been putting off because you haven’t had time. Do a little online shopping as a treat to look forward to at the end of a busy week of zoom calls and sitting at your laptop working. Even though we’re at home working, don’t forget that it’s your home, a space for you to relax and take care of yourself.

Most of these suggestions for Lockdown 2 imply some sort of reflection towards the future, being mindful of what happens afterwards - because Lockdown isn't forever. It may feel like that now, but things will always change over time. So, this time around, don’t just think of the now, think of the future and how everything you do now can possibly benefit you for when Lockdown ends.