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3:22 PM 24th July 2020

Long-eared Owls Thriving On A Grouse Moor In The Peak District

They are a wonderful sight and sound in the countryside and these long-eared owls are thriving on a grouse moor in the Peak District.

The images of the owls were taken once the young owls had fully fledged and had left the nest which produces long-eared owls - the UK’s most nocturnal bird - every year.

Known for their piercing stares and hunting skills, the long-eared owls are so-called due to their large head feathers – called ‘ear tufts’ – which become raised when the bird is alarmed. The long-eared owls have orange eyes which distinguish them from the short-eared owls which have yellow eyes.

Richard Bailey of the Peak District Moorland Group says:
“The sight and sound of owls are a joy and no more so than the long-eared owl. We’re delighted to report the news of this successful fledging within a grouse moor.”

The Peak District Moorland Group were disappointed to hear that two owlets out of a brood of four of long-eared owls have died, according to the RSPB, due to human disturbance on a property the RSPB manage on the Eastern Moors, but owned by the National Trust. Along with a Derbyshire Wildlife Crime Officer, they have requested that people stay away from the area until the remaining two birds have fledged.