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6:03 PM 4th January 2024

Luke Littler Becomes 2nd Most-Followed Pro On Social Media


Photo by Keno Santos on Unsplash
Photo by Keno Santos on Unsplash
New data reveals that 16-year-old darts star Luke Littler has gained over 650,000 Instagram followers and 100,000 Twitter followers after debuting at the PDC World Darts Championship 2024, becoming the most-followed player on Instagram.

Research conducted by Japanese gambling guide 6takarakuji examined the social media statistics of world-ranking darts players to establish the top ten most popular stars on social media.

The research revealed that Luke “The Nuke” Littler gained over 650,000 followers on Instagram and 100,000 on X (formerly Twitter) since debuting at the 2024 championship. His Instagram following is now the highest among darts pros, overtaking Michael van Gerwen after skyrocketing by over 23 times since 27 December, surging from 30,000 to over 700,000.

The top ten most-followed darts pros on social media
Rank Name Instagram Facebook X Total
1 Michael van Gerwen 419,000 344,000 410,000 1,173,000
2 Luke Littler 701,000 34,000 121,200 856,200
3 Phil Taylor 64,200 403,000 347,000 814,200
4 Raymond van Barneveld 166,000 172,000 248,000 586,000
5 Peter Wright 172,000 152,000 209,000 533,000
6 Gerwyn Price 269,000 1,500 139,100 409,600
7 Michael Smith 202,000 24,000 122,000 348,000
8 Fallon Sherrock 154,000 34,000 125,000 313,000
9 Gabriel Clemens 265,000 37,000 7,800 309,800
10 Adrian Lewis 44,200 0 190,000 234,200

Luke ranks second among the top ten most-followed darts professionals on social media. His follower count of 856,200 at the time of writing now surpasses 16-time World Champion Phil Taylor, Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price, Fallon Sherrock, Gabriel Clemens, Adrian Lewis, and Michael Smith. Littler is now the most-followed darts player on the platform, with over 700,000 Instagram followers.

Michael van Gerwen is the most-followed player on social media, with over 1.17 million followers across Instagram, Facebook, and X.

Phil Taylor now ranks third among the most-followed pro darts players, with 814,000 followers across all platforms.

2024 World Darts Champion Luke Humphries, with over 132,000 followers, did not make the top ten.

A spokesperson at 6takarakuji commented on the findings:
“Luke is making huge waves in the game right now, being the youngest player to win matches at the PDC and WDF World Darts Championships. He will likely attract new young fans to the sport, making him an attractive prospect to sponsors. The attention he is attracting has led to a drastic boost to his social media presence, becoming one of the most-followed players in the world. It could attract even more sponsorship interest to him and the sport in general.”