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Graham Clark
Features Writer
3:22 AM 16th November 2020

Mae Muller - No One Else, Not Even You (Capitol)

In what seems a lifetime ago, I saw Mae Muller in Manchester in February. Her performance was full of youthful charm, but with a friendly confidence: it felt like your best friend was up there on stage. I can only think of someone like Anne Marie who has that girl next door attitude.

Her fanbase is mainly teenage girls who knew the words to all of her songs, most of which had yet to get a release. It is not surprising who she appeals to, as the lyrics to most of her songs are about her relationships going the wrong way.

With a simple instrumentation her songs are allowed to shine through without being swamped by over production. Apparently her mother was a fan of Sade, that influence appears on quite a few of the tracks as a jazzy tone rings throughout. If her songs were heard by a wider audience they would be impressed.

'So Annoying' opens up the album, again it’s about how love is so annoying but she makes it sound so good.

'HFBD' is about breaking up with her boyfriend on his birthday; she even manages to rhyme Paris with the word embarrassed as she sings about her trip to Paris when her man is chatting up the waitress at the cafe. Sung over an enticing melody, you can just hear her young fans reciting back the words to her in concert.

'Nails So Long' has an R&B twist to the song, again though the strong melody entices the listener. “I feel sad but I don’t care” she sings as iif she hasn’t a care in the world.

'Bad Things' continues the quality, even admitting that she herself can be the one who messes things up in a relationship - her man is not always to blame. Again it will resonate with her strong female fanbase.

'Work Like That' is a track which is probably the most up-beat on the album. It doesn’t work as well as the other tracks, as it could be any female singer you care to mention that has graced the charts in the last 12 months.

Only the omission of her January single 'Therapist' stops the album from receiving five stars, but for now there is no stopping Muller.

I rate the album 4 out of 5.