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1:00 AM 4th November 2023

Make Your Bonfire Night ‘Sparkle’ Safely And Sustainably

Image by Kohji Asakawa from Pixabay
Image by Kohji Asakawa from Pixabay
Despite being a treasured tradition in the UK, regional Bonfire night celebrations are becoming a thing of the past as more are cancelled each year due to spiralling costs and safety concerns.

This, in turn, may tempt more people to plan their own fireworks displays at risk to both themselves and the general public, and with this in mind, the experts at Utility Bidder have shared considerations to help UK residents enjoy an eco-effective and safe Bonfire night celebration.

5 things to consider to enjoy a safe and sustainable Bonfire night

1 - Avoid overhead powerlines and electrical equipment

It is never a good idea to light fireworks with powerlines in the immediate area. Any contact could cause powerlines to catch fire, so look for an open area as far away from overhead electrical equipment as possible.

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay
Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay
2 - Avoid the use of sky lanterns

The use of sky lanterns has become more popular for festive celebrations in the UK, however, these pose a great fire risk. If you or a loved one wants to use one of these, you must make sure there are no flammable materials in reach for launch, and that you should always consider weather conditions and direction of travel before launch.

3 - Sparklers are not recyclable

Sparklers are a fun alternative for youngsters wanting to enjoy the best of Bonfire night, however, these products aren’t good for the environment and are not easy to recycle. They emit similar toxins and pollutants to that of full-size fireworks. Although sparklers cannot be recycled, you can be sure to recycle any plastic film packaging thay they come in if empty.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Image by Pexels from Pixabay
4 - Make your Bonfire materials greener

Whether you are part of the team planning a community bonfire, or simply having your own, you can make small adjustments to reduce the amount of smoke you create. Burn dry and natural materials only instead of rubber and plastics and help reduce air pollution in the process.

5 - Attend a public display

Despite the number of local gatherings decreasing across the UK, there will be a local event in your nearest town or city. This will help reduce noise and pollution to one particular area, and is a safer practice than entertaining the idea of using your own fireworks.

Image by Roman Paroubek from Pixabay
Image by Roman Paroubek from Pixabay

James Longley, Managing Director at Utility Bidder, has commented on the importance of creating a sustainable Bonfire night, whilst staying safe in the process:
“Bonfire night is a treasured tradition in the UK, and many family-friendly gatherings are implemented by local councils and communities every year. Nevertheless, such celebrations also lead to disorderly behaviour and people setting off their own fireworks without thorough safety checks, so please always remain vigilant and prepared.

“The environmental impact of Bonfire night can also be quite damaging. The excessive use of rubbers and plastics on bonfires should be avoided and replaced with dry, clean, and natural materials where possible. You can also be sensible with your choices for entertaining the rest of the family during the celebration; ideally avoid using sky lanterns as they pose a great fire risk, and be aware that sparklers are not recyclable.

“People may choose to enjoy their Bonfire night festivities at home or away from the public eye, but please keep in mind the open sky above you, taking into account any overhead powerlines or weather conditions.

“Attend a public display where possible to support the local community and enjoy the best of this historic celebration, and in turn, help reduce noise and air pollution as much as possible.”