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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
1:00 AM 19th March 2022

March With Hannah Russell, Little Alf & Friends

The weather has finally started to calm down here in the Yorkshire Dales, we’ve had horrendous storms over the past few weeks, and I was getting a new hair style every time I stepped out in the field. I was getting a little worried it was going to last for the rest of the year.

This morning the Yorkshire Dales welcomed a frosty start, although it was cold the birds where singing and the sun was beginning to rise at 6am. With the lighter mornings it makes me think spring is round the corner.

The sheep, Izzy and Ida spied me at 6am this morning while I was letting the dogs out, so I had to feed them early which they loved. I have a feeling tomorrow I’ll be able to hear them bleating for me. I’m very lucky to have my animals just behind the house so I can see and hear them at any time of the day from the kitchen, which comes with both advantages and disadvantages – especially when you’re on the phone and trying to work.

On 3 March it was World Book Day, an annual day to celebrate books, your favourite authors and see new books getting released. Many schools let children dress up as their favourite characters. It was lovely to have images sent in from parents whose children had decided to dress us as either me or Little Alf.

This month we have released our 14th book, ‘Little Alf & The Farmyard Friends’ which has been getting some lovely online reviews. I need to get back to the laptop in the next few weeks and start working on the next adventure story.

March also celebrates World Wildlife Day, which is something close to my heart and I’m proud to be ambassador for 3 amazing animal-based charities, Helping Rhinos, Wild Welfare and Brooke Action for Working Horses, Donkeys and Mules. These are conservation projects which are a key part of my work and ethos when talking about animals online. I’ve always believed if you have an online following you should use it in a way to help and inspire others.

As this month the nights and mornings will be getting even lighter, I’ll be getting back to full time training with the animals. I’ve also got some exciting news coming up, but I’ll have to wait until April to share that with my readers.