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Graham Clark
Features Writer
4:09 PM 22nd March 2020

Mark Kingswood - Brave Enough (21K Productions)

They say that Mark Kingswood is the British Michael Buble.

If you see his photo and listen to his voice and style of music then you will appreciate the comparisons.

I dare say that he could have made a career out of being a Michael Buble impersonator but why do that when you can sing some of your own songs and classic standards just as good?

Throughout this impressive album you do have to pinch yourself that you are not listening to the real deal, that's not to say Kingswood is a fake, far from it, he stands up in his own right here.

The album starts with the Northern Soul classic, Tainted Love made famous by Soft Cell. The version here benefits from the big band sound with Kingswood's vocals bringing a new dimension to the song.

Surprisingly the album is not all covers, the second track Brave Enough is an original composition which has been released already as a single.

Pity the new James Bond film is not called Brave Enough as this string laden song would provide the perfect theme tune. The lyric appears to be about self belief in the face of adversity. If he had intended to stamp his own mark he has achieved that here.

The Latin flavoured Spanish Tattoo leads on in fine style whilst the inevitable slow big band tracks such as No More Crazy follow. If Michael Buble is listening he might be thinking "I wish I had this song to sing"

Everybody Wants The Moon could be a Swing Out Sister Song and really it could be performed without a big band, by now the Buble comparisons began to fade as he starts to make his own identity on the album. Less jazz and more soul is what he offers here.

Keep Coming Back is a ballad that Westlife would have probably had a hit with when they were at the height of their fame. It has a lyric that will resonate with his female fans.

The album concludes with a version of the Aerosmith classic Dream On, sounding different from the original version it allows Kingswood to make the track his own.

You can see why Radio 2's Ken Bruce is a fan, as is Jools Holland who Kingswood has toured with.

After discovering this well thought album you will end up being a fan too.

I rate the album 3 out of 5

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