Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
11:13 AM 17th May 2021

Meet The Super Strong Ants Who Now Call SEA LIFE Scarborough Their New Home

Whilst many of us may have put on a few pounds over lockdown, SEA LIFE Scarborough’s new inhabit-ants have been keeping the weight off with their impressive bodybuilding skills.

The new bench pressing, super strong residents are the Leafcutter Ants, who can amazingly lift up to 20x their own body weight each time they pick a piece off a leaf!

On top of their magnific-ant strength, the new leafcutters are one of the only green fingered creatures on earth - aside from humans - as they do not eat the leaves for themselves. Instead, they take the leaves back home to grow fungi, which they then tuck into for a tasty treat.

The creatures now call SEA LIFE Scarborough their new home, where its staff have been making the most of the absence of guests by revamping the centre.

The team have been working tirelessly to build a brand-new Leafcutter Ants habitat as part of the Rainforest Adventure, so the new residents will be neighbouring with an array of different rainforest species like the Monkey Tailed Skink, the Poison Dart Frogs and the Green Tree Python.

On top of the new additions to the rainforest, SEA LIFE Scarborough are excited to announce they are welcoming a brand-new coral cove to their centre. The cove will offer an immersive look at the corals and the creatures that live within them, meaning guests can get lost in a land beneath the sea.

The hard work doesn’t stop there, as staff have also added development to the rockpool area, allowing visitors to investigate and even touch the stunning sea creatures that live in the shallow rocky waters.

Andy Turner, SEA LIFE Scarborough’s General Manager said:
“We are so excited to welcome faces old and new back through our doors come May 17th. We have worked so hard to update the SEA LIFE centre during its closure, so we can reopen bigger and better than before.

“The team have been working non-stop to refurbish the Pirate Adventure Mini Golf Land and develop a new interactive outdoor area, which are perfect activities for the whole family to enjoy. With these updated and latest additions both inside and outside the centre, not forgetting our new leafcutter ants, there are even more areas for guests to explore at SEA LIFE Scarborough and we cannot wait to see people enjoying our wonderous attractions once again.”

To ensure the safety of visitors and the site team, social distancing measures will be imposed including online bookings for specific visiting slots, temperature checks on arrival, extensive and additional cleaning operations and other social distancing measures.

Visit the SEA LIFE Scarborough website for more information on booking your visit and the health and safety measures in place for when the site opens back up to the public on 17th May.