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8:11 PM 12th September 2020

Meg Huby Debuts Artist Residency Exhibition At The Yorkshire Arboretum

Locally-based artist Meg Huby will introduce an all-new exhibition of work based on her year as Artist-in-Residence at the Yorkshire Arboretum, from 18th September to 19th October. Meg began her residency in the autumn of 2019, and brought together "A long-term fascination with the ecology of trees and a relatively new interest in making art.” Meg, who began her career as a biologist before becoming a lecturer in social policy at the University of York, discovered a passion for drawing and painting six years ago.

Meg Huby
Meg Huby
The exhibition, ‘The Yearly Trick of Looking New’, will include pieces of Meg’s work produced during her residency. It celebrates transience and change in nature while recognising the interdependency between all forms of life and the crucial role of the arboretum in tree protection. The title is drawn from Philip Larkin’s poem, ‘The Trees’.

In her own words, Meg’s artistic style tries to “find a way between [photorealism and pure abstraction]. The tension between them is like the tension between the solid physicality and apparent permanence of life in the arboretum and its transient, constantly changing nature. Absorbing the arboretum from all angles – observing, sketching, photographing and reading – informs and influences my paintings and prints.” Her approach involves a great deal of experimentation with materials and techniques. “The oil paintings are built upon layers of underpainting and glazing and use different types of support. A favourite tool is an electric hand-sander!”

A rainy day in OctoberA rainy day in October
The way to winterThe way to winter

The exhibition will feature original artwork – with oil and watercolour paintings, collagraphs and eco-prints – as well as a small selection of printed greetings cards. It is free to view in the arboretum visitor centre. Protective face coverings should be worn while viewing the exhibition.

Find out more by visiting, or find Meg on Instagram @MegsterArt