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Claire Kenny
Features Writer
1:01 AM 13th January 2024

Menopause Is Just One Wilted Rose Amongst A Much Larger Bouquet Of Blessings.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
The cruel irony of menopause is that it comes as you finally feel that you’re finding your feet. But I wouldn’t throw a bunch of roses away if only one had wilted, so why would I do that with my life?

My forties have unequivocally been my best decade. Envisaging them years ago, I assumed I’d have everything figured out and be in some worry-free, part time work utopia, but they certainly didn’t work out that way. I was deeply unhappy in my early forties, but in hindsight I see that as a blessing because it led me to work hard on my mindset. I now have a life that truly excites me, something I don’t think I felt capable of creating so intentionally until I hit midlife.

I used to heavily base my decisions on external guidance, almost seeking permission from someone - or something - separate from me for fear of what people would think. But I finally learned that I had everything I needed to not only live life, but love it, if I listened to and trusted myself.

Claire Kenny
Claire Kenny
Which brought a wonderful dollop of unconditional happiness.

Then came menopause. The cruel irony is that it comes as you’re finally finding your feet, but although it certainly threw a temporary spanner in the works, it just deepened my commitment to be happy and grateful regardless of external factors.

So I made a conscious effort to keep being grateful for what I did have rather than moan about what I didn’t. When I was younger I’d be far too quick to say “I’ll be happy when…” as though when one element of my life wasn’t perfect, it invalidated the rest. But I wouldn’t throw a bunch of roses away if only one had wilted, so why would I do that with my life?

I’ve grown to accept that things are never perfect, and that happiness is more plentiful - and simple - than I ever realised.

Menopause is just one wilted rose amongst a much larger bouquet of blessings.

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