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Christopher Jackson
Features Writer
4:05 AM 14th October 2014

Merry-go-Round or Roller Coaster?

Merry-go-Round or Roller Coaster: which are you?

My Dad took me on a Roller Coaster at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach when I was five - up and down, up and down, left and right. Wow! I always begged for another go: it was exciting, scary, thrilling, fast and terrifying, but a great ride.

After that, the Merry -go- Round seem tame, boring and predictable.

It seems to me that whilst there are 6 billion plus unique persona's out there, the world is a bit more Bipolar than at first we might think.

It's simplistic to suggest we all fall into two clear categories in life, but there are some obvious parallels. You can even spot a similar division between our too Royal Princes'.

There's mature, reliable, safe William, and the wild one! Harry is much more racy, unreliable, roguish, but ultimately lovable and liked equally.

Before them, a similar sibling split existed with their Grandmother and Great Aunt.

The Queen is solid - a Merry-go-Round, whereas Princess Margaret was the Roller Coaster, living life in the fast lane.

Well anyone with Bipolar knows they are very much on the Roller Coaster side of the spectrum.

Living with us is certainly a wild ride, scary at times, maybe terrifying, but exciting and wonderful too, and at the end , you can split up, or you can gasp for breath, as I did all those years ago, and shout 'Again!'

There are those who will opt for the Merry-go-Round and vice versa. I reckon it only goes wrong when they choose against their intrinsic nature.

It's easy to do, as Bipolar in the Euphoric stage can be awfully charismatic, seducing those who should have known better. Just like being tempted to go on the Roller Coaster when your instincts say no. And they usually emerge from the ride in tears and vomiting.

Strange how something as simple as that Roller Coaster was such a precursor to my life. And I guess that holds true for many.

I'm now 60, but boy oh boy, do I still love white knuckle rides!