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Luce Smith
Features Writer
3:43 AM 3rd February 2020

Moist January

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash
Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash
I say moist, as it definitely wasn't dry for me! I was set a challenge at the other end of the dry January scale. I was to have a drink every night for the month of January. Why make the first month of the year a difficult one? When everyone is feeling sad and it's doomed as being a poor month, then surely having a drink every night is the answer?

It was a good challenge for me as I don’t drink every night, so doing dry January would have been super easy. I was interested in knowing what it would be like to have a drink every night and to see what all the fuss was about!

I have to say – I enjoyed every night! It was so good to have it to look forward to, whether it was drinking in my own house, round at friends, or out in pubs/restaurants. It didn’t make me want more than one drink and after a day at work of drinking tea all day it definitely made a nice change!

The only times where I knew it would be more difficult, was when I was out in an evening volunteering and not back until 11pm. The nights when this happened, I made sure I stuck a bottle of gin on the worktop so that when I got home I didn’t forget to pour myself a G&T. Such a hard life………

Did I learn anything about myself whilst doing this? Not really

Did it make me want to continue drinking every evening? Not really

Did it make me want to have more than one drink each night? Not really!

I guess I don’t have an addictive personality perhaps and I definitely know my own limits, especially on a school night!

The big question is, would I do it again? Yes of course! It was great, and to be honest I will look forward to doing another next year as it definitely helps get the year off to a good start! Such fun!