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1:00 AM 6th January 2024

Money-Saving Pre-MOT Checks: A Guide To Avoiding Unnecessary Expenses

Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay
Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay
An MOT test doesn't just assess the roadworthiness of your vehicle; it can also be an unexpected source of expenses if you're not prepared.

With guidance from mechanic Dom Shaw from First Vehicle Leasing, here are five crucial checks you can perform before your MOT test. These tips are designed not only to increase the likelihood of passing but also to save you money by avoiding common and often costly pitfalls.

1. DIY Light and Indicator Checks

Start with a simple but effective check of all your vehicle's lights and indicators. This is one of the easiest DIY fixes that can prevent an MOT failure. Replacing a bulb is significantly cheaper than failing and retaking the MOT, or worse, being charged an inflated price for a bulb replacement at the garage.

2. Tyre Condition and Tread Depth

Tyres are a major focus in an MOT. Check the tread depth to ensure it meets the 1.6mm legal minimum. Additionally, look for any damage or wear. Knowing the condition of your tires can prevent a garage from convincing you to buy new ones prematurely, saving you a significant amount of money.

3. Brake Performance Self-Check

Listen to your brakes; any unusual noise can indicate wear. Replacing brake pads or discs before your MOT can be more cost-effective than dealing with it as part of a failure. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to shop around for the best deal on parts and service, rather than being at the mercy of the MOT testing garage’s pricing.

4. Windscreen and Wiper Inspection

Ensure your windscreen is free of significant damage, and that your wipers are functioning well. Replacing wiper blades yourself is generally cheaper than having them replaced during an MOT test. Also, a windscreen clean and clear of damage will not only help pass the MOT but also prevent costly windscreen replacements.

5. Emissions and Exhaust System Check

A pre-MOT emissions check, particularly for older cars, can save you from failing due to high emissions. Addressing issues with your exhaust system beforehand can be more economical than having the work done during or after an MOT, where urgent repair costs can escalate.

Dom Shaw from First Vehicle Leasing says:
"An MOT test can be an opportunity to ensure your vehicle is in top condition, but it shouldn't become a source of unexpected expenses. By performing these pre-MOT checks, you can identify and address issues more economically, and enter your MOT test with confidence."