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1:00 AM 9th March 2024

Mother’s Day Blooms

Can you spot the hidden pearl necklace amongst the tulips in under 30 seconds?
Flowers and Mother's Day go together like peas in a pod, serving as the ultimate symbol of appreciation for our wonderful mums.

And with a whopping 14.8K Google searches for 'Mother’s Day Flowers' in the last month, it appears many are eagerly preparing to surprise their mums with a delightful floral surprise.

That said, with March 10th quickly approaching, the jewellery company F Hinds have crafted a challenging brainteaser to put your skills to the test. It seems Mum's pearl necklace has gone missing among her flowers! Can you spot it?

Even the most seasoned brainteaser enthusiasts are struggling to locate the pearls, with the average person taking 30 seconds to find them.

Give up? Don’t worry, the answer to this brainteaser lies below…

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Did you manage to spot the pearls?

Brainteaser supplied by F Hinds