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1:00 AM 9th March 2024

Motorists Urged To Remove These Items From Cars

Drivers have been warned items which can obscure their view of the road, such as air fresheners and phone holders, could land them with a fine - or cause an accident.

Image Credit - Shutterstock
Image Credit - Shutterstock
Motoring company Absolute Reg have named five things drivers should check aren’t impacting their view of the road ahead.

The Highway Code states drivers must have a complete and clear view of the road and traffic ahead whilst travelling, at all times.

Those driving with an obstructed view could face penalty points, hefty fines and even driving bans if the incident leads to dangerous situations.

Items stuck to the front and rear windscreen can prevent motorists from seeing properly, such as stickers or air fresheners.

Dashcams and phone holders must also be placed away from the line of vision so motorists can drive safely.

Windscreen cracks and chips can also restrict the driver’s vision, so it’s important to get any damage fixed as soon as possible.

Jake Smith, director at Absolute Reg said:
“Many of us drivers are not aware that anything on our windscreen could be putting us, and other road users, in danger.

“But anything that is obstructing the view of the road ahead is deemed illegal and against the Highway Code.

“It’s best to remove things like stickers and air fresheners from the front and rear windscreen, and ensure that dashcams and phone holders aren’t obstructing the line of sight.

“Even small chips to the windscreen could impact your view of the traffic ahead. Get any damage seen to immediately to avoid being penalised or causing an accident.”

Here are the items you should remove from your windscreen:


Placing dashcams directly into the line of sight onto the windscreen may seem ideal, but the best place to fit a dashcam is at the top of the windscreen next to the rearview mirror, with any wires tucked away. This will ensure that there is a clear line of vision of the road ahead.

Air freshener

Although it’s not illegal to hang air fresheners over the rearview mirror, if they’re big enough to obstruct the view ahead then drivers risk breaking the law. Hanging air fresheners in the interior of the car should be away from the windscreen and instead placed elsewhere such as on the back of a seat.

Windscreen cracks

Small chips to the windscreen may not seem like a huge problem, but in fact the damage could impact the driving view. It’s important to get any cracks fixed immediately especially if they’re in the direct line of vision.


Any stickers placed on the front or rear windscreen could be blocking vision for drivers causing them to have an obstructed view. When placing stickers on the car, motorists must ensure that it doesn’t impact their ability to see clearly out of the front and back.

Phone holder

Following updates to the law two years ago, it is now illegal to touch or hold a mobile phone, and drivers should instead use the handsfree option. However, if placing the device in a phone holder, motorists must make sure that it doesn’t obstruct the view of the road ahead.