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3:09 PM 9th July 2020

NICEIC Enlightens Homeowners Amid Dressing Room Boom

As an increasing number of consumers seek to splash out on recreating that all-important luxury dressing room look so widely favoured by leading Instagram stars, NICEIC is advising homeowners on the do’s and don’ts of dressing room lighting.

Amid the age of social media influence, research shows that more and more homeowners are ditching the lived-in look and seeking to style their homes akin to the extravagant interior designs displayed by their favourite social influencers – with a state-of-the-art dressing room often being seen as the ultimate in Insta-worthy luxury.

In fact, it is now estimated that half of Brits (50%) desire a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe in their dream home[1], with many even going so far as to transform a spare bedroom into their own dress up haven.

With great lighting often playing a major part of any inspirational dressing room setup, NICEIC has been quick to offer homeowners with some expert advice on the types of lighting that can be installed, and which conjure the desired effect.

Darren Staniforth, Senior Group Technical Presenter at leading electrical regulatory body, NICEIC comments:
“For those lucky enough to have a walk-in wardrobe or those in the position to convert a room into one, it’s important to maximise the space you’ve got, and lighting can help to achieve this. When effective lighting is installed in a dressing room setting, the contents of your wardrobe will be brought to life as the various textures and colours will be illuminated."
In terms of the best options:

Downlights or overhead lights are a less effective option in a dressing room setting. When stood underneath this kind of harsh light, the direction can cast unflattering shadows over the face and body.
Pendant lighting can be installed purely for aesthetical purposes. A low-hanging pendant will add a striking level of glamour to the dressing room and looks great over a central storage island. However, this won’t light up the details in the space.
LEDs that can be installed inside of cabinets and under shelving are an effective way to illuminate your items and show off your prized possessions.
Strip lights work particularly well when positioned down the edges of a mirror. It will cast an even amount of light over your body or face, depending on whether you are using the mirror for choosing an outfit or applying make-up.

“You should also consider where plug sockets are located in the dressing room, especially if you are planning to use the space to be drying or straightening your hair. If you need additional sockets installed, enlist the help of a registered electrician.

“It’s important to remember that, given the complexities with installing lights, all installations should be completed by a registered contractor with an approved body, such as NICEIC.”

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