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1:00 AM 20th January 2024

National Pie Day: Are The UK’s Favourite Pies Even Pies?


photo supplied by HelloFresh
photo supplied by HelloFresh
To celebrate National Pie Day (23rd January), recipe box delivery company HelloFresh have revealed the UK’s top 10 favourite pies.

Pies are one of the UK’s national dishes; with a love for crispy toppings and delicious fillings, the UK has perfected a variety of pies from savoury steak and ale to cheese and onion.

Analysing the average number of searches per month, the data shows that although traditional pie’s take the top spots, fish pie at third with 40,500 monthly searches and chicken and leek at fourth with 22,200 suggests Brits tastes could be evolving, opting for new flavours over pub classics like steak and ale pie.
Keyword Volume
1 Cottage pie 90,500
2 Shepherd's pie 90,500
3 Fish pie 40,500
4 Chicken and leek pie 22,200
5 Chicken pie 22,200
6 Chicken and mushroom pie 18,100
7 Steak pie 14,800
8 Pork pie 12,100
9 Steak and ale pie 12,100
10 Cheese and onion pie 9,900

The data reveals that cottage pie and shepherd’s pie are ranked as the UK’s joint favourite pies with over 90,000 monthly searches.

The top three favourite pies are traditional dinner time staples that have been around for hundreds of years, however they don’t take the form of a typical pastry pie. In fact, shepherd’s, cottage and fish pie all include a layer of mashed potatoes as their topping.

Cottage and shepherd’s pies accounted for 54% of the overall monthly searches for the top 10 pies in the UK showing that Brits still have a taste for classic comfort food.

There’s a common misconception between shepherd’s and cottage pie, with the simple difference that shepherd’s pie uses lamb and cottage pie uses beef.

But are the two most popular British pies even pies anyway? Some argue that they’re in fact potato-topped casseroles which could potentially spark a great pie debate ahead of National Pie Day.

We can only imagine that the majority of Brits would dismiss any attempt to change their mind on the matter as pies are a big deal to most in the UK.

When it comes to classic pastry pies, classics like chicken pie, steak and ale pie and pork pies all featured in the top 10.

Below HelloFresh have also revealed the UK’s top 10 vegetarian pies to celebrate National Pie Day.

Coming out on top was cheese and onion pie with 9,900 monthly searches, followed by homity pie which is filled with potato, leek and onion.

Most cheese and onion pie recipes contain Lancashire cheese indicating an origin in the North West of England, whilst homity pie is believed to be from the South West coast as it is also known as the ‘Devon pie’. Homity pie became a go-to dish when vegetarianism started to gain popularity in the 1960s.
Keyword Volume
1 cheese and onion pie 9,900
2 Homity pie 8,100
3 Vegetarian shepherd’s pie 6,600
4 Vegetarian cottage pie 4,400
5 Leek and potato pie 2,900
6 Spinach and feta pie 2,900
7 vegetable pie 2,400
8 mushroom pie 1,900
9 spinach and ricotta pie 320
10 winter vegetable pie 140

Pies are a great way to try out new flavours or make the most of leftovers and this list of vegetarian pies include some killer combinations including spinach and feta and spinach and ricotta.

HelloFresh Recipe Development Manager Mimi Morley said:
“It’s no surprise shepherd’s pie and cottage pie are still so popular as a staple comfort food. If you want to boost your vegetable intake try incorporating root vegetables in your potato topping for added nutrients or swap normal potatoes for sweet potatoes.

“For a change on a traditional pie, try adding an Indian-inspired twist on a classic with a curried paneer pie.

“For a vegetarian take on shepherd’s pie, replace minced lamb with lentils and your favourite vegetables for a delicious dinner packed with protein.”

Tuck into one of HelloFresh’s pie recipes this National Pie Day including Chicken Pie, Curried Paneer Dahl Pie or their very own Shepherd’s Pie.