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9:00 AM 10th June 2020

‘Naughty Boy’ Roller Coaster Premiers In South Holland

South Holland’s fairytale theme park opens its new family roller coaster, Max & Moritz, to the public later this month.

From Saturday 20 June 2020, guests of Efteling will be able to experience the new Max & Moritz family roller coaster for the first time.

In recent weeks, final test rides have been carried out, with finishing touches including not only the ride’s theming, but approval from the independent Dutch TüV, an independent testing and safety regulator.

Boyish tricks
The new attraction is based on a well-known 1865 German illustrated rhyming story of the same name by Wilhem Busch about two naughty brothers called Max and Moritz, who drive the inhabitants of their village to despair with their boyish tricks.

The roller coaster named after them will have trains racing in opposite directions through an Alpine landscape with green spruces, mountain roses and a babbling brook.

Proud of the end result
Since the start of the construction of Max & Moritz in September 2019, a lot of work has been done to have the family roller coaster ready for families with young children (minimum height of 1 metre).

“We are very proud of the end result,” said General Manager and CEO Fons Jurgens, “and it's great to see that all the pre-conceived elements have now come together in the ride so we will be very curious to see our guests’ first reactions!

"It is of course a completely different ride experience than the Bobsleigh (the ride it replaces) but Max & Moritz is perfect for the whole family, ” he said