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2:57 PM 7th October 2021

New Book ‘This Is Dyslexia’ Launched For World Dyslexia Day

‘This Is Dyslexia’ - The definitive guide to the untapped power of dyslexic thinking and its vital role in our future, redefines and reshapes what it means to be dyslexic. It explores how dyslexia has shaped our past and how harnessing its powers is vital to our future.

Written by Kate Griggs - the founder and chief executive of charity Made By Dyslexia – the new book features a foreword by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Throughout This Is Dyslexia are insights and examples of how dyslexia has helped careers, innovation, creativity and major achievements from famous names such as film’s Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom, business leaders including Jo Malone and Nick Jones, change-makers such as Erin Brockovich and Jamie Oliver, and, sports stars including Chris Robshaw and Sir Jackie Stewart.

As well as Griggs sharing her own experience with dyslexia, This Is Dyslexia explores:

Compelling reasons for Dyslexic Thinking to be embraced in everything from espionage to entrepreneurialism
Recognises and celebrates Dyslexic Thinking behind some of the world’s greatest inventions including the car, the iPhone, the lightbulb and the telephone
How to identify dyslexia in children and adults
What Dyslexic Thinking skills usually look like
How Dyslexic Thinking will be vital for the future workforce
How to empower the dyslexic people around you
How everyone can make a difference – from families to teachers and employers.

Kate Griggs, author, This Is Dyslexia, explains:
“Dyslexic minds are made for the 21st century. They are naturally curious and highly creative, with an incredible ability to think laterally.“

“Research shows that Dyslexic Thinking skills are the exact traits we need for the future. In fact, the skills that many dyslexics find challenging are already in decline. One in five people are dyslexic, meaning 20% of the population are already hardwired with the vital skills for the future. We must spot, support and empower every one of them.”

This book is presented in a format that dyslexic readers will find easy to absorb. There are bullet point summaries at the end of each chapter and key information is presented in lists.

There is also a blend of written and digital storytelling, with pictures and QR codes that readers can scan to access videos. This format suits the multisensory way dyslexics usually prefer to consume information.

This Is Dyslexia is published by Penguin Random House and has been released on World Dyslexia Awareness Day (7 October 2021). To learn more and order the book, please visit