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11:00 AM 14th March 2020

News from York MP

Rachael Maskell MP
Rachael Maskell MP
Friday evening, Rachael Maskell MP received a message from Public Health England concerning her self-isolation as a result of meeting with the Health Minister on 5 March to discuss mental health issues in York. The Health Minister fell ill later that day, and subsequently tested positive for Coronavirus.

The MP’s message stated:

“We have now moved into the delay phase of the Coronavirus response. This means that unless you have symptoms, you no longer need to self-isolate.”

In response the MP for York Central says,

“I am personally relieved to be released from self-isolation, and have learnt how challenging it is for people who will need to isolate in the future, so do not regret this experience. However the situation concerning Coronavirus is very serious and it is essential that we all follow the advice to catch our coughs and sneezes and bin them and to wash our hands for 20 seconds.

“In the days to come we will see many changes to the way our society works. It is vital that we all follow the advice we are given. I will be changing the way that I work too, including offering phone appointments for my surgery and conducting some meetings on line.”