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3:14 PM 3rd July 2020

Next Stage Of North Lincolnshire Port Route Upgrade Begins

Work on a series of upgrades that will create safer roads in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire is moving to a new phase.

Highways England is carrying out improvements along the M180, M181, A180 and A160 over the next 12 months to provide smoother journeys for drivers. This will create better links for those travelling to the Port of Immingham, which plays a key role in the local and regional economy.

A new M181 junction will be created by North Lincolnshire Council to improve access to the motorway and make the area more accessible. Highways England is working closely with the local authority to help unlock jobs and homes in Scunthorpe, where the huge Lincolnshire Lakes development is being proposed.

Over recent months the concrete carriageways have been repaired on the A180 and the same work is currently being replicated on the M180 from junctions 1 to 3. Now Highways England is about to start essential resurfacing on the northbound M181. The current surface is ageing, so it will be replaced to ensure safer and more reliable journeys for road users, and to extend the life of the road.

Highways England programme manager Mark Ramsden said:

“The wide range of improvements over the next 12 months will make the roads safer and smoother, providing drivers with more reliable journeys, and support economic growth in the area.”

To carry out the M181 work safely and quickly, there will be overnight closures (8pm to 6am) of the northbound carriageway. Both of the M180 junction 3 exit slip roads will also be shut overnight. This work starts on Monday 13 July and will last for four weeks, weather permitting. Fully-signed diversions will be in place.

The site will have strict safeguarding measures, in line with Public Health England guidance, to prevent the spread of COVID19 and keep the workforce and road users safe.

Highways England will be carrying out a number of further improvements in the coming months.

The current resurfacing work on the M180 between junctions 1 and 3 continues until 14 July, weather permitting. Resurfacing work between junctions 3 and 4 will take placein September, while road markings and road studs will be replaced at junction 5 in October.

On the A180, essential repairs have been carried out on the eastbound carriageway between junction 6 (A160) and junction 7 (A1173), where the concrete was replaced with tarmac.

Further repairs and resurfacing along parts of the A180 will take place between September and January. Resurfacing between Brosckelsby and Barnetby will be carried out in September, and repairs on the bridge that carries Woad Lane over the A180 should take three weeks in October.

While on the A160 improvements to road studs and markings between Brocklesby and Mamby are planned for December.

For more information about the work and the required closures visit or follow @HighwaysYorks on Twitter. You can also call Highways England 0300 123 5000 or email