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Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
4:33 AM 12th March 2020

OMMA God! Bespoke Vacations In Santorini

Boutique hotel, OMMA Santorini – perched high in the Greek village of Imerovigli and overlooking the Aegean Sea – enters its second season this summer with a bespoke offering that is guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding of travellers!

What’s New?
This year you can choose the type of holiday you ‘envisage’ having in Santorini and a concierge team will contact you four weeks before your arrival to map out an agenda of activities and excursions you might want to experience once you have arrived.

Ahead of your UK departure you’ll receive a questionnaire from which you’ll select your preference of multiple amenities. Pick your pillow and duvet material, which drinks you’d like in your mini-bar, and what items you’d prefer to find in your room. That way, you’ll be greeted with all the amenities you want when you set foot in the hotel which boasts 360° sweeping views of the caldera.

And there’s more…..
The brand new ANAMMA restaurant is one of the best in Santorini, inviting OMMA’s guests to enjoy dinner on a balcony hanging over the stunning Caldera.

Using local ingredients, the restaurant’s pioneering Executive Chef Dimitris Stamoudis sprinkles a modern twist on traditional dishes to create innovative courses bursting with bold flavours and seductive aromas. And this year, for the first time, the Chef will share his recipes with you, so you can take home the great tastes of the Mediterranean!

On top of everything else, when you leave, you’ll become an OMMA Ambassador, entitled to preferential rates for you and your family or friends when booking a future visit!

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