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Graham Clark
Features Writer
8:41 PM 20th December 2020

Off Piste - A Winter Wonderland Awaits In Skipton

This Christmas many of us are looking for an alternative festive experience to enjoy outdoors with a small group of up to 6 people.

The Winter Wonderland at Alexander’s in Skipton seems like a good suggestion.

Off Piste Alpine Chalet
Off Piste Alpine Chalet
When we arrived we were met with what I thought was the meal delivery driver! There in front of us was a lady wearing a thick jacket, goggles and a helmet, it was only when she said that she would escort us to our chalet that the penny dropped - she was dressed as a ski instructor and was all part of the experience.

Body temperatures are taken, the one way system explained and with sanitizer available everywhere it appeared that we were in safe hands.

The Winter Terrace has Christmas lights, warm heaters and of course real Christmas trees. At the bottom of the terrace you will find your Alpine Hideaway complete with heating, cosy throws and plenty of charm. The two mock Alpine chalets can seat up to six people.

With your own chef who cooks everything to order in his small kitchen in between the two chalets and your own drinks server (or should that be ski instructor) it really is a bespoke and unique experience.

Over 6 courses it feels like you are dining in at a winter Swiss resort not Skipton.

Warm chestnuts and charred sourdoughWarm chestnuts and charred sourdough
Grilled frankfurters, smoked salmon, pickled herringGrilled frankfurters, smoked salmon, pickled herring

A glass of mulled wine or cider sets the evening up nicely followed by sliced squash veloute and warm chestnuts. What a call the Marmite option of the menu is the smoked salmon and pickled herring, caper berries and gherkins - it is either something you like or not, with no in betweens. Not for me but my partner thought it was excellent.

Alpine stew and tartflett potatoAlpine stew and tartflett potato
Tarte flambéTarte flambé

The grillled frankfurters, saukerkauf and mustard were rich and delicious, very meaty and wholesome. If you like your cheese then the Tarteflett potato served with Alpine Stew will be for you.

I never thought of pizza as an alpine dish but the Tarte Flambé is actually known as Alpine pizza - very filling and I should imagine tastes even better after a day's skiing.

To finish off with there is the dark chocolate and cognac fondue.

Dark chocolate and cognac fondue
Dark chocolate and cognac fondue
There is a children’s menu too, which is not surprising as this is something that children will adore. You can even opt for a Santa package. It really does feel like Christmas has arrived especially even more so with the Christmas music playing.

After the year we have all had it was a real treat and one which will stay in your memory for all the right reasons. Wonderful indeed.

Prices start from £45.00 per person.

Alexander’s, 4-6 High Street, Skipton BD23 1JZ
Telephone 01756 228030