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Graham Clark
Features Writer
9:00 AM 24th January 2020

On-the-Go Release New Album Unsaid

On-the-Go have shared stages with Jungle, The Big Pink and Foster The People. The 5 piece actually come from Russia but listening to the album you would never know that.

There are a lot of influences on the album that range from Fleetwood Mac around their Tusk period, Bon Iver and I can even hear Crowded House in there.

The 9 songs on the album range from traditional pop songs to some rather complex arrangements such as on the title track, Unsaid.

On Happy which features Kate NV the lyric is about the effect of mental health on relationships. A delicate track with breathy vocals it sounds like a more laid back Beautiful South track, whilst an acoustic guitar weaves around the melody.

The band seem to specialise in writing melodies that stick in your head, such as Its Wierd, But Its Alright. It is an album that reveals more delights the more that you hear it.

If the band were to tour over here it would increase their profile, but for now this enigmatic album is a worthy discovery