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12:00 AM 15th June 2024

Only Eagle-Eyed Readers Can Find The Odd Rubik's Cube Out

Us Brits love a good challenge, and what better way to do so than a puzzling Rubik’s cube – did you know the world record for this tricky cube currently sits at 3.13 seconds?

This new brainteaser constructed by the online gaming company MrQ depicts several colourful Rubik’s cube faces, which have been found to leave even the most eagle-eyed viewers scratching their heads in anguish.

The objective of this bright brainteaser is to find the cube that doesn’t match up to the others, with it taking the average person 30 seconds to find the odd Rubik’s
cube out and a whopping one in three admitting to giving up finding the colourful cube completely!

Still not found the rogue cube?

Don’t fear, the solution to this crafty brainteaser lies below...

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Did you manage to spot the odd one out?