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2:00 AM 11th June 2022

Packing Tips For Your Summer Holiday

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash
Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash
As we head into the summer months, it’s time to dust off the suitcases and hunt down the neck pillows hiding in the attic. From overpacking to limited flight carry-on weight, deciding what to take on holiday can easily cause stress.

To help those who struggle the night before holidays, or those who seek to optimise their packing routine, cleaning spokesperson Ivan Ivanov at End of Tenancy ( reveals five top tips that could make packing for your trip a whole lot easier!

1. Try solid toiletries

As cute as the mini bottles of toiletries can be, taking them on holiday can not only build up the weight of your luggage but also can pose the risk of them spilling all over your brand new beachwear. To solve this problem, cleaning experts from End of Tenancy suggest trying out solid toiletries.

“Solid toiletries are definitely a fun and light-weight choice for travellers, especially families with kids. You can even put a packet of paper soap in your pocket that’s ready to use anytime. Lots of other great product choices are shampoo bars, deodorant travel sticks,solid perfume tubs and much more.These tubs and bars are much easier to keep tidy and save space, and of course prevent any liquid leaks.”

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash
2. Pack ‘n roll

For travellers who are experienced in squeezing clothes for long trips or restricted flight sizes, whether to fold or roll your clothes is one of the biggest debates in packing. If you’re used to folding your clothes, Ivan from End of Tenancy tells us why you should give rolling a go:

“Rolling your t-shirts, dresses and pyjamas saves space and prevents wrinkles which is perfect for compact backpacks or small flight carry-on suitcases. It also gives you easy access to all your clothes at once, without going through the whole pile to find tonight’s pyjamas.”

3. Choose the right bag

Looking to treat yourself to a new bag for your trip, but don't know whether you need a backpack or suitcase? Ivan from End of Tenancy helps solve this common dilemma with tips on how to identify the most suitable type for you.

“Firstly you should think about what you plan to do on your holiday. Backpacks are much easier to carry for hiking, running to trains, taking into a cable car or fitting into taxis, but if you can’t narrow down your outfit options then it would be difficult to squeeze everything into a backpack.

“Suitcases allow your belongings to be more accessible and wrinkle-free. The added bonus of wheeling them also means they are better for travelling to resorts, or less-crowded cities.”

4. Use packing organisers

Packing cubes and ziploc bags are both handy options to categorise your clothes and cut down on space. In regards to choosing which one is best for your trip, Ivan from End of Tenancy added:

“They both do a great job in helping you pack and find things more easily, but the difference is how you want your layout to be. Ziploc bags can be squeezed easily and become flat to save space - usually preferred for clothes. Packing cubes, comparably, take up more space, but give a more durable and neat layout.”

5. Prepare a list

This summer, try sharing your packing list with your family and friends to ensure that you’re not bringing an army of shampoo and suncream between you. Some lists are available to download online but if you prefer writing a more tailored packing list yourself, here is what Ivan from End of Tenancy suggests,

“Start now if you are not confident in remembering what to bring! Writing your list monthsbefore the trip allows you to add to it bit by bit every time you think of something. Try creating main categories to organise your list too.

“For example, you can order them by functions such as toiletries, clothes, medicines, or by activities such as things to bring for swimming, hiking, the spa, etc. Don’t forget to double check the list by looking through your room and see if there’s anything you might need.”