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Graham Clark
Music Features Writer
2:03 AM 11th April 2024

Paloma Faith – Taking A Leap Of Faith In Sheffield

“There’s nothing more human than failure” was a touching backdrop displayed on stage before the British powerhouse vocalist, Paloma Faith, took to the stage at Sheffield City Hall. Rather than be a sad and sorrowful tale, the tracks off the new album felt empowering, engaging, and electrifying. Her commitment to the tracks soon became evident; the first half of the show saw the album performed almost in its entirety.

Paloma Faith
Photo: Graham Clark
Paloma Faith Photo: Graham Clark
Arriving on stage in black lingerie and high heels, she looked powerful and resilient. As she was at pains to point out, she professed that she is not a “good girl" and is now a “bad woman." How You Leave a Man, along with Already Broken, were testaments to the raw and painful journey, through her breakup and subsequent divorce. Sitting on top of a grand piano for I Am Enough, she looked momentarily fragile and vulnerable.

Her interaction with the audience was as engaging as her music. When she spoke about her breakup, motherhood, and relationships, rather than a call to sisterhood, the sentiments resonated with everyone. Walking through the audience barefoot as she performed Sweatpants, the association with her fans seemed mutually respectful.

Paloma Faith
Photo: Graham Clark
Paloma Faith Photo: Graham Clark
If the first half of the evening had been an opportunity to display her emotions, the second half was a nostalgic one with a succession of her big hits. Stone Cold Sober's introductory hit was all bells and whistles, with a shine that was equally as bright as the pink dress she was now wearing. Crybaby was uplifting, while Lullaby and Changing displayed her dance floor tendencies, with the majority of the audience now standing up and dancing in the aisles.

Faith created an atmosphere of strength, unity, and determination on this evening, turning any failures into a resounding victory.

The tour continues with further dates in the north:

Thursday 11th April and Friday 12th April – Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Monday 29th April – o2 City Hall, Newcastle

Friday 3rd May – Connexin Live, Hull

Saturday 11th May – The Globe, Stockton

Sunday 12th May – The Barbican, York

Sunday 7th July – Sounds of the City, Millenium Square, Leeds