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Graham Clark
Features Writer
11:21 AM 24th March 2021

Papa Roach - The Better Noise Years - Greatest Hits 2010-2020 (Better Noise Music)

If you have ever had the chance to see American rock group, Papa Roach live you will know that in singer Jacoby Shaddix the band have one of the best frontmen around in the rock genre.

He can command his audience like troops on a military assignment, though his sometimes over enthusiastic gestures might seem over the top he does appear to be genuine and the respect he and the band have for their audience is one you would never get with a pop act.

This second greatest hits album (yes they have had so many hits over the years that they cross two decades) is a collection of melodic rock tracks. Whilst some bands are all power and have songs that have little substance, Papa Roach mix the choruses of say Linkin Park mixed at times with Green Day to come up with a cocktail that is an infectious as the common cold.

Born For Greatness might be an apt title to sum up the bands intent but it also just happens to be a great rock song. It’s not all nostalgia though, as an old track is given a makeover for 2021 with Broken As Me featuring English singer Danny Worsnip from Asking Alexandria - it is far more heavier than some of the other tracks here which might signal the direction the band take in the future.

Who Do You Trust? is built on a dirty guitar riff that is menacing, masterful yet magical too. There is an attempt at rap on Gravity where the lyric is about the things in life that bring you back to reality. The opening line talks about Shaddix’s relationship with his wife, you wouldn’t get that on a Black Sabbath track!

American Dream is a track that questions the American Dream “with every bullet hole there’s a blood stain” sings Shaddix probably referring to the Vietnam war where his dad fought.

You can hear the softer side of the band on acoustic versions of Face Everthing and Rise along with Leader of the Broken Hearts.

There is enough talent on show here to bet that there will be a Greatest Hits Volume 3 in another 10 years time. All we need now is to see the band live again - something that can’t come soon enough for band and fans alike.

I rate the album 3 out of 5.