Yorkshire Times
A Voice of the North
7:13 PM 16th May 2021

Pericles, Prince Of Tyre

a perilous voyage through the storms of life

A brave adventurer sets off to win the girl everyone is talking about. Uncovering a sinister truth, Pericles weighs anchor and plunges into a rolling surge of events which leave him broken, gasping for life.

With its topical themes of abuse of power, desperate crossings of the Mediterranean and sex trafficking, this extraordinary saga sails uncomfortably close to home. And yet there is a delightfully unexpected end to the journey to steer us into port.

Riding Lights, a York company with an enviable reputation for breathing new life into Shakespeare’s less well-known comedies, premieres a sparkling, streamlined (80 minute) theatre-on-film version of this gripping story for the 2021 York International Shakespeare Festival online.

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