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12:00 AM 22nd June 2024

Pitch-Perfect Nations: Which Football Fans Are The Best National Anthem Singers


With UEFA’s Euro 2024 taking the spotlight this summer, research conducted by digital marketing agency Propellernet has unveiled which country’s fan base sings their national anthem the best.

Familiar with analysing audiences from a marketing perspective, the agency has turned their attention to football fans, finding that England are set to win the Euros, if only for the singing skills of their travelling fans.

By using the pitch-analysis tool Singscope to measure the key each country’s fans sing their national anthems, and cross-referencing it with the actual key the anthem is written in, England fans were revealed to stay in tune more than any other nation, belting out the lyrics to ‘God Save the King’ in G major for 80% of the entire song.

Despite not making the Euros this summer, Welsh fans have something to celebrate, as they claim a third-place medal as the European football fans who sing their national anthem the best. ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ has a deep-rooted association with Welsh sport, as it’s believed the tradition of singing national anthems originates from Cardiff Arms Park on 16 December 1905, when the Welsh rugby team first played New Zealand.

Scotland fans also earn their place among the nations who best perform their national anthem, as Scottish fans belted out ‘Flower of Scotland’ in E-flat major 51% of the time. Other nations set to spur their teams on with almost pitch-perfect renditions of their national anthems include French fans with ‘La Marseillaise’, and Italian fans with ‘Il Canto degli Italiani’ who are looking to inspire their team to back-to-back European trophies.

The European Fans That Perform Their National Anthems The Best
RankCountryNational Anthem NameNational Anthem DurationTime Sang In KeyIn Tune (%)
1 England God Save The King 00:54 00:43 79.6
2 Northern Ireland God Save The King 00:54 00:40 74.1
3 Wales Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau 01:40 01:13 73.0
4 Republic of Ireland Amhran na bhFiann 01:13 00:46 63.0
5 France La Marseillaise 01:01 00:37 60.7
6 Finland Maamme 00:55 00:33 60.0
7 Denmark Der er et Yndigt Land 01:12 00:42 58.3
8 Bulgaria Mila Rodino 01:00 00:33 55.0
9 Italy Il Canto degli Italiani 01:40 00:51 51.0
10 Scotland Flower of Scotland 01:40 00:51 51.0
11 Germany Deutschlandlied 01:28 00:44 50.0
12 Romania Desteapta-Te, Romane! 01:20 00:39 48.8
13 Portugal A Portuguesa 01:40 00:45 45.0
14 Andorra El gran Carlemany 02:01 00:45 37.2
15 Azerbaijan Azarbaycan Marsi 01:48 00:39 36.1
16 Belgium La Brabanconne 00:45 00:16 35.6
17 Croatia Lijepa Nasa Domovino 01:28 00:30 34.1
18 Cyprus Hymn to Liberty 00:49 00:16 32.7
19 Lithuania Tautiska Giesme 01:32 00:29 31.5
20 Gibraltar Gibraltar Anthem 01:04 00:20 31.3

The Most Out-of-Tune Nations

The research also identified the countries that struggle to hit all the right notes, finding that Serbia fans manage to hold the correct key for the lowest amount of time— at just 13% of their anthem ‘Bože Pravde’. The song is written in B-flat major; Serbia fans instead sing most of their anthem in A-flat major.

The vocal talents of Maltese football fans place them as the second worst in Europe, singing ‘L-Innu Malti’ in perfect pitch only 14% of the time.

Despite what is often a star-studded squad, The Netherlands have struggled to perform on the international stage in recent years, and it seems it's the same story in the stands, with their fans completing the top 10 most out-of-tune list, maintaining the correct pitch for just over one-fifth (21%) of the entire song.

The European Fans That Perform Their National Anthems The Worst
ankCountryNational Anthem NameAnthem DurationTime Sang In KeyIn Tune (%)
1 Serbia Boze Pravde 01:24 00:11 13.1
2 Malta L-Innu Malti 01:21 00:11 13.6
3 Ukraine Shche ne Vmerla Ukraina 01:11 00:10 14.1
4 Turkey Istiklal Marsi 01:06 00:11 16.7
5 Iceland Lofsongur 01:40 00:17 17.0
6 Slovakia Nad Tatrou Sa Blyska 01:37 00:17 17.5
7 Switzerland Schweizerpsalm 01:03 00:12 19.0
8 Armenia Mer Hayrenik 01:49 00:22 20.2
9 Poland Dąbrowski's Mazurka 01:34 00:19 20.2
10 Netherlands Wilhelmus van Nassouwe 01:02 00:13 21.0

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