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1:00 PM 13th November 2023

Poems For Fraud Awareness Week: Ode To Fraud Awareness

Fraud Awareness Week
Fraud Awareness Week
For International Fraud Awareness Week starting today we are publishing poems every day this week as a timely opportunity to consider fast, effective techniques of raising public awareness of the digital world.

Experts at harnessed AI technology to create scam-aware adaptations of classic poems to raise cyber-security awareness.

They partnered with James Roy, the Technical Director at Brainworks Neurotherapy, to delve into the significance of rhyming for learning.

According to James Roy, Technical Director at Brainworks Neurotherapy: “Rhyming serves as a cognitive tool with a remarkable impact on memory, engaging the brain's intricate processes.”

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
Today we start with Ode to Fraud Awareness (Inspired by Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats)

Objective of the poem: To teach basic practices of strong passwords, two factor authentication, and some methods scammers might take.
“Oh, vigilant firewall, our trusted shield, Guarding our secrets in the digital field. Amid threats that lurk, and hackers sly, You shield our data, but here's a tip to apply.

With strong passwords, your defence fortify, Change them often, and don't be shy. Two-factor authentication, your armour near, To keep intruders and fraudsters clear.

Update your software, don't delay, Patches and fixes to keep scams at bay. Beware of phishing, emails so sly, Double-check links before you comply.

Educate and share, spread the word, Fraud awareness, let it be heard. With these tips and tricks, we adhere, To protect our digital realm, and hold it dear.”

The poems were commissioned by