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1:00 AM 17th November 2023

Poems For Fraud Awareness Week: The Firewall

For International Fraud Awareness Week we are publishing poems every day this week as a timely opportunity to consider fast, effective techniques of raising public awareness of the digital world.

Experts at harnessed AI technology to create scam-aware adaptations of classic poems to raise cyber-security awareness.

They partnered with James Roy, the Technical Director at Brainworks Neurotherapy, to delve into the significance of rhyming for learning.

According to James Roy, Technical Director at Brainworks Neurotherapy: “Rhyming serves as a cognitive tool with a remarkable impact on memory, engaging the brain's intricate processes.”

Image by Melissa from Pixabay
Image by Melissa from Pixabay
The Firewall (Inspired by "The Tyger" by William Blake)

Objective of the poem: The poem explores the formidable and elusive nature of a "Cyber Tyger," posing questions about the strength of defenses and the ability of vigilant users to thwart its fraudulence in the digital domain.

“Cyber Tyger, blazing bright,
In the servers of the night;
What firewall strong or what defence,
Could thwart your fraudulence?
In what phishing link or deceitful scheme,
What vigilant user could intervene?”

James outlines how “rhyming stands as a potent memory-enhancing technique that harnesses the brain's inherent organisational and repetition mechanisms. It optimises information storage and retrieval by breaking down data into 'chunks,' reinforcing memory traces through repetition, and constructing mnemonic structures. Understanding the neurological impact of rhyming provides valuable insights into how it bolsters memory and cognitive development."

The poems were commissioned by