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1:00 AM 16th November 2023

Poems For Fraud Awareness Week: The Fraudulent Odyssey: Navigating The Digital Realm

For International Fraud Awareness Week we are publishing poems every day this week as a timely opportunity to consider fast, effective techniques of raising public awareness of the digital world.

Experts at harnessed AI technology to create scam-aware adaptations of classic poems to raise cyber-security awareness.

They partnered with James Roy, the Technical Director at Brainworks Neurotherapy, to delve into the significance of rhyming for learning.

According to James Roy, Technical Director at Brainworks Neurotherapy: “Rhyming serves as a cognitive tool with a remarkable impact on memory, engaging the brain's intricate processes.”

The Fraudulent Odyssey: Navigating the Digital Realm (Inspired by Homer’s “The Odyssey”)

Objective of the poem: The poem celebrates the prowess of a vigilant hero in the digital realm, navigating cunning schemes, phishing threats, and Trojan Horse deceptions to safeguard his kingdom and protect valuable data.

Image by Kris from Pixabay
Image by Kris from Pixabay
“Tell me, O Hacker, of that cunning scheme,
Which caused havoc in the digital dream.
From phishing snares to Trojan Horse's guise,
The hero of security, ever-wise.
Through the perilous land of cyber threats he'd roam,
To safeguard his kingdom and shield his data home.”

According to the insight from James: “Melodies formed through rhyming often feature rhythmic patterns naturally promoting repetition, thereby strengthening memory traces in the brain. This strengthens the connection between rhymed words and the information they represent, making recall easier when required.”

As noted by James: “rhymes employ a combination of structural cues, including rhythm, stress, and breaks. These cues establish a 'mnemonic framework,' a learning technique supporting information retention and retrieval in human memory.”

The poems were commissioned by