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1:00 AM 15th November 2023

Poems For Fraud Awareness Week: The Scam Untravelled

For International Fraud Awareness Week we are publishing poems every day this week as a timely opportunity to consider fast, effective techniques of raising public awareness of the digital world.

Experts at harnessed AI technology to create scam-aware adaptations of classic poems to raise cyber-security awareness.

They partnered with James Roy, the Technical Director at Brainworks Neurotherapy, to delve into the significance of rhyming for learning.

James Roy states: “When we employ rhymes, our brain processes information by structuring it into manageable 'segments' or 'chunks.' This not only streamlines information storage but also enhances retrieval from long-term memory when needed.”

Image by Micha from Pixabay
Image by Micha from Pixabay
The Scam Untravelled (inspired by Robert Frost’s A Road Not Taken)

Objective of the poem: The poem advocates for cautious decision-making in the digital landscape, emphasizing the critical choice between falling victim to scams or navigating with vigilance to safeguard personal data and privacy.

“Two paths diverged in the digital haze,
A choice to make in the fraud-filled maze.
To click or not, with caution I tread,
Aware of the scams that silently spread.
It made all the difference, this cyber road,
My data and privacy, against fraud, I strode.”

James emphasises: “rhyming acts as a mental scaffold that aids in organising and making data accessible in our brain's memory storage." The repetitive aspect of rhymes is another pivotal factor significantly benefiting memory. Repetition plays a crucial role in memory consolidation, reinforcing neural connections.”

The poems were commissioned by