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9:00 AM 3rd June 2020

Portugal – Open For Business

Portugal has taken a second step in the process to gradually ‘re-open’ its economy and social life, giving the beleaguered tourism industry renewed hope.

And, this week, its beaches will join a string of 'attractions' already open.

Phase two of its three-stage strategy was recently marked by the opening of museums and other cultural amenities such as monuments, art galleries, interpretative centres, palaces and churches. Restaurants, cafés, patisseries, terraces, promenades and shops of up to 400 square metres have also re-opened.

The move follows the earlier successful re-opening of bookshops, hairdressers, beauty salons, libraries, sailing clubs, golf courses, taxi and rent-a-car firms as well as some public services and public transport systems.

The effects of the pandemic in Portugal has maintained its downward curve, bringing renewed confidence among leaders to re-engage with the economy.

However, strict and rigorous health and safety measures imposed in Portugal by the Department of Health remain in force, such as the obligatory use of masks, the continuation of two-metre social distancing and conditions for frequent disinfection of hands by employees, visitors, customers, and of surfaces and spaces with imposed capacity limitations.

In restaurants and similar establishments, ventilation and frequent air renewal will be given priority and all decorative elements will be removed from tables. Customers are advised to book in advance and payments should preferably be made through contactless processes.

In order to continue to guarantee everyone’s trust in the tourist destination and national range of tourist attractions, Turismo de Portugal has created the “Clean & Safe” stamp, which distinguishes tourist activities that ensure compliance with hygiene and cleanliness requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other possible infections, in accordance with the recommendations of the Portuguese Department of Health.

This stamp covers the entire tourism value chain, including hotels, local accommodation, tour operators, restaurant and catering companies, which at the same time are implementing specific protocols for the various types of services.

The start of the bathing season, which will begin on June 6th, yet another phase in the return to business. Until then the rules that have to be complied with will be laid down, limiting the number of bathers per beach, a situation that will not have a very significant impact on the enjoyment of Portuguese beaches, owing to the fact it is possible to find extensive space and over 850 km of Atlantic coast. Extra supervision will be provided to ensure strict compliance with the stipulated rules.

There are currently no quarantine requirements on entry to Portugal, except for the Madeira Islands. The Azores islands are accommodating the following options: arriving with a confirmed negative COVID-19 test, a COVID-19 test upon arrival or voluntary quarantine in a designated hotel.

It’s time to say #CantSkipHope…. Start planning!
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