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Phil Hopkins
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9:00 AM 9th May 2020

Preparing For The Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Next Year!

They may be on hold until next summer but there is one benefit to the Tokyo Olympics being temporarily postponed… gives you that much longer to prepare your trip to the Land of the Rising Sun!

And, if you need some ‘on the ground’ help with where to go and what to see when you get there, then here’s three of the best from Rika Honma, a reception clerk at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
She’s worked there as a reception clerk for seven years and maintains that Tokyo Station is a good place to start. In Japan, the station is not only the place to take trains but is a great place to people watch, try new foods and do a spot of retail therapy.

The station building of Tokyo Station

Tokyo station is the main gate to welcome all visitors to the city. Originally built in 1914, it was constructed out of beautiful red brick as a symbol of Japanese civilisation and is registered as an important cultural property.

Hato Bus Tours at Tokyo Station Marunouchi south exit
Hato Bus is famous to locals as a domestic bus tour agent. The range of bus tours are extensive and people can choose from day or long distance trips. For those with limited time, they have trips options of just a few hours so that you can check out the locality.

KITTE is a shopping centre created in 2013. Located in the Marunouchi area, Rika Honma said: "My favourite thing about this area is the calm atmosphere, so you’ll be able to take your time shopping and having dinner or lunch without the city’s hustle and bustle."

The interior of KITTE was designed by famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma who not only designed the Olympic stadium, but also the exterior and lobby interior at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu.

With the concept of ‘Feel JAPAN’, there is a great selection of shops in KITTE, including traditional and creative shops such as Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten and Good Design Store Tokyo, which are perfect for someone looking for gifts for family and friends.

If you get hungry and want to try Japanese ramen, you should visit the B1 floor where you can find the ramen street filled with a great selection of ramen restaurants.