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10:35 AM 22nd December 2019

Project Pilgrim - £33 Million Investment To Immingham Container Terminal

Electric rubber tyre gantry cranes being loaded in China, destined for the Port of Immingham.
Electric rubber tyre gantry cranes being loaded in China, destined for the Port of Immingham.
A £33m upgrade to Immingham Container Terminal to future-proof the terminal and extend its footprint is soon to begin through Project Pilgrim.

Currently, there are six electric rubber tyre gantry cranes travelling from China to the Port of Immingham as part of the Project Pilgrim.

The cranes are due to arrive in Immingham in January, and will be used to stack containers in the largest port, by tonnage, in the UK.

Simon Bird, Regional Director of ABP Humber, said: “The investment in this infrastructure is key to ABP’s expansion plans at the Humber Container Terminal on the Port of Immingham. The electric rubber tyre gantry cranes will also reduce fuel consumption by 95%, against non-electric, and will therefore compliment our efforts to reduce emissions.”

ABP has continued to invest in the Humber Ports this year to ensure that we have the infrastructure needed to seize opportunities in 2020.

As part of its ongoing commitment to customers, ABP has been investing in its container infrastructure. In 2018 it had expanded the container terminal in Hull which saw an increase from five to 15 sailings per week in a short space of time, adding new destinations as partners.

A similar investment of £33 million is currently underway in the container terminal in the Port of Immingham which will increase the space, improve the layout and add new equipment, including the new purpose-built cranes on their way from China. The investment will make sure ABP’s offering to customers is the best available.

With all these changes, and clarity over Brexit potentially now around the corner, there are very good grounds to be optimistic for a good year for containers in the Humber Ports.

With all these investments either in place or underway, ABP looks forward to a greener and more prosperous 2020, where it can continue to contribute to the local and national economies, as well as helping protect the environment for future generations.