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4:22 PM 19th February 2024

Real Bread Week: Top Three Add-Ins For Sourdough Bread

image supplied by HelloFresh
image supplied by HelloFresh
Water, flour, sea salt, oil and vinegar is all you need to bake a great loaf of sourdough bread. One of the best things about creating your own sourdough is how adaptable and creative it is and although many prefer the traditional straightforward bake, it’s also fun to switch things up and include different ingredients.

In celebration of Real Bread Week (17-25th February), food box delivery service, HelloFresh share three additional ingredients to add into the homemade bread for that extra flavour!

Add Cheese

Try experimenting with cheeses, such as parmesan, cheddar, brie and blue cheese, depending on your tastes. For a subtle kick, add grated cheese to the top before baking or for a delicious gooey bite, leave the cheese in chunks.

Sprinkle Herbs

One of the most popular sourdough additions is herbs. No matter what you choose, whether it's rosemary, sage or oregano, sprinkle over the dough and then rub them in just like you would salt. If you’re looking for something more flavoursome, nuts and seeds such as walnuts, pine nuts and even shelled pumpkin seeds go particularly well with these ingredients.

Like it sweet?

Honey can be used in your sourdough to reduce the sour tang and act as a natural sweetener. With just a few teaspoons, honey will give the bread a sweet flavour that goes great with dried fruit and nuts.

Recipe Development Manager, Mimi Morley, from HelloFresh said:
“Sourdough bread is a great alternative to other breads as it contains higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also contains lower levels of phytate which helps your body to absorb the nutrients more easily.”

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