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Graham Clark
Features Writer
10:12 AM 3rd March 2020

Review: The Good Luck Restaurant And Bar In Leeds

Wellington Place in Leeds, if you don't know is the new business centre on the western side of the city, although it is only a 5 minute walk from the Leeds' central railway station it feels a soulless place. New tower blocks rise from the ground like the first daffodils of spring.

Thankfully in the middle of all this is The Good Luck Club which proudly proclaims on the windows that it is a bar, coffee and kitchen. After walking through empty walkways that seem to serve as wind tunnels our eyes are fixed on a bright and warm welcoming place. It looks packed, surely it can't be this good if it is this busy on a weekday night, mind you the place is closed at weekends - As The Darts said in the late 70's - "You Gotta Get It While You Can".

After traversing through what seems like the entire workforce of the Savills, whose office is conveniently located next door, we are guided through to the back of the bar area where the restaurant part is located. The smell from the open kitchen tempts your imagination for what is to come.

The chairs are comfy and the tables are ergonomically positioned at the right level so that you are not hunched over when you eat. As for the menu let's just say it's not as vast as the real estate market is in Leeds at the moment.

It's burgers, salads, steak fries and chicken but if you want a dessert you are, to pardon the pun, out of luck. Mind you the servings are very big and you would have to have the stomach the size of Yorkshire to even contemplate having afters.

I decided upon the Steak Fajita Skewer which came with guacamole, grated cheddar, house salsa and soft flatbread priced at £10.00, if you want fries you can order Single Lucky Loaded Fries that let's just say are very moreish and exceedingly hot but then again with jalapeños, smoky bacon, grated Parmesan and chipotle mayo you expect them to be.

My partner went for the Steak Frites - a very tender sirloin steak served with shoestring fries and what looked to be a watery peppercorn sauce on the side. The verdict though was it was all top notch. Seems her luck was in.

A very fruity New Zealand Savignon Blanc accompanied a very satisfying meal. If you visit on Wednesday between 4-7pm they offer 2 for 1 burgers, whilst on Friday from 5-9pm for £20.00 you can have 2 pizzas and a bottle of Proseco or a 4 pint pitcher.

I would urge you to try your luck at The Good Luck Club, it has a friendly atmosphere, good food, is well lit and the service was faultless too. Wellington Place might seem soulless but it's real heart is right here at The Good Luck Club.

6, Wellington Place, Building 6, Leeds LS1 4AP