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Graham Clark
Features Writer
8:25 AM 3rd August 2020

Rhys Lewis - Things I Chose To Remember (Decca)

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to this impressive album is that if these songs had been sung by Lewis Capaldi or perhaps James Arthur they would be massive hits.

That is not to say Rhys Lewis does not deserve to be a household name, he does but with many nationwide commercial radio stations obsessed with R&B and Rap music along with throwbacks it will be hard for many to discover this exciting new talent. Those followers though that he has on Spotify know they are on to a good thing.

If you are a fan of ballads and songs that have a melody then perhaps it is time you checked out the Oxfordshire born artist.

The album opens up with Better Than Day where the lyric is all about “hoping that tomorrow is better than today” over a piano driven ballad. All that is missing is the huge round of applause that will follow when he eventually can tour and perform this haunting song.

His fanbase should not be confined to the under 30’s. If you are thinking where are those artists who write proper songs, then your answer is here. Take for example No Right To Love You where a soulful vocal builds as the song progresses and reaches a climax.

What If reminds me of James Morrison when he first started whilst Good People is the track that Jamie Cullum would cover, ditto Some Days, the two tracks are not jazzy but they have that timeless quality that make you want to join in with him during the chorus.

Be Your Man sees him trying to compete with his girlfriends ex for her attention “you got me feeling like I don’t deserve you“ he pleads on a lyric we can all relate to. For many Rhys Lewis is the man and of the moment and when you hear these 11 songs here you can understand why.

What Wild Things Were ends the album on a high, he might never wake up to the sound of the birds, as he sings but the strings add a melancholy touch to the track.

All I can say is that by the time he can tour again the concerts will be sold out and I will be there - you will too after you have made this brilliant discovery.

I rate the album 4 out of 5