Yorkshire Times
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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
6:00 AM 10th July 2020

Rufus Wainwright - Unfollow The Rules

Rufus Wainwright is an artist who has his own sound. An artist who many upcoming talents try to emulate. An artist whose soul-soaked vocal delivers a depth of emotion that so many try to create, but fall far short of. It is in these strengths that the son of two famous musicians has forged a career that has never been overshadowed by his famous family, nor has it become the subject of tabloid fodder. He is heralded as a true talent and celebrated for this fact. As he returns with his first new material in 8 years, he declares Unfollow The Rules.

Interestingly the album does not do that. It takes the finest moments of Wainwright's career and redefines them in new material. This may be a new collection of songs, but it does not attempt to be anything his listeners will not instantly fall in love with.

While this may be a reason that some find fault with Unfollow The Rules, it is actually a real strength of the record. For someone held in such high regard, it is easy for an artist to get too caught up in trying to chase trends and stay relevant. Wainwright does not do that. He instead focuses on simply delivering a beautiful record.

Unfollow The Rules is lyrical strong and beautifully delivered. There are some key moments - the glorious Only The People That Love, the lilting Country of You Ain't Big and the sensational Romantical Man - but it is a body of work which is a stunning as anything that he has released before.

Unfollow The Rules stays true to the strengths of a great of artist. A wonderful release.