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12:37 PM 17th September 2023

Rugby World Cup 2023 - It’s Nice In Nice

Ed Williams has been reporting for the Yorkshire Times, part of the p.ublished group of online newspapers, on his local club, Wharfedale RUFC. Today he becomes our international rugby correspondent and is in France for the Rugby World Cup 2023. Here is his next Welsh report...

Back to the rugby and another 5 points. Ok it was not the best of games last night but Wales got the job done.

Welsh boys
Welsh boys
Another hostile crowd met the Welsh team and your humble scribe was not impressed when they booed the 1st Welsh try – not rugby. I was pleased when Portugal got a well-deserved try that all the Welsh supporters I could see around me were generous in their applause.

The atmosphere around the stadium was very good. A smattering of Portuguese supporters were appreciated and joined in some pop-up events. A great cheer when a line-out was staged and a Portuguese fan was lifted and caught the ball. The crowd also included a few Japanese, Australian and even USA fans.

Chere was an amazing variety of costumes amongst the Welsh supporters.

This is Louis and his sons from Lisbon. Louis explained that currently in Portugal rugby is not very popular, people prefer soccer. He went on to say that at a recent international match there were only 1,000 spectators and entrance was free. Both his sons play rugby.

Louis and his sons from Lisbon
Louis and his sons from Lisbon
The evening finished with a meal and the Welsh team arriving with their families. Sadly, something went wrong with the camera so no photos of your scribe and Faletau.

On a domestic note all the folk from Yorkshire who are on the trip had a good day on Saturday with Wharfedale, Rotherham and Leeds all winning.