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7:15 PM 13th September 2023

Rugby World Cup 2023 - Sunday Night Fever

Ed Williams has been reporting for the Yorkshire Times, part of the p.ublished group of online newspapers, on his local club, Wharfedale RUFC. Today he becomes our international rugby correspondent and is in France for the Rugby World Cup 2023. Here is his next report...

R and R. After the bruising we took on Sunday night it was time to head somewhere out of the spotlight. The group moved to Bayonne. Short detour to St. Emilion for a quick wine tasting and lunch. As if to help cool us off the rains came and the temperature dropped to a pleasant 22C.

The wine connoisseurs
The wine connoisseurs
There were stories of some chaos in getting to the stadium for other matches but all of our batch of rugby nuts had nothing but praise for the transport system in Bordeaux. A short walk to where the shuttle was going from; a short wait, shuttles coming every 2-3 minutes and zoom we were there.

Ignoring the 20-30 deep queues for beer and food we walked further in to the stadium and got some food of some description and then further in to get beers without queues. Prices not bad €8 a pint + €2 deposit on the glass. We have kept the glasses - might even become Christmas presents.

Last day of rest tomorrow, off to San Sebastian (touch of Globe Trotting!)