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Graham Clark
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10:36 PM 15th December 2019

Scouting For Girls Bring Christmas To The Air In Manchester

Roy Stride
Roy Stride
Scouting For Girls are one of those groups who everyone knows their songs but if you passed one of the band in the street you would most likely not recognise them.

They may have played Tan Hill, the highest pub in England but tonight Manchester was going to feel the high life - and they certainly did. When frontman Roy Stride says that the audience are the fifth member of the band, he did have a point. Their singing almost took over from the band at key moments.

The Albert Hall in Manchester is a former Methodist Church, a point not lost on Stride as he comments that the venue is the most beautiful one they have played so far on the tour.

Scouting For Girls
Scouting For Girls
You can hear one of their songs and straight away you know who it is as they have a recognisable sound. Heartbeat is a good case in point - the atmosphere from the audience seemed to have been picked up early by the band as they appeared to be on a great vibe.

There are songs from the new album to play but unfortunately they miss out Dancing With You, one of the best tracks on the album, instead they go for The Trouble With Boys.

By now the exuberance of the night was rubbing off on Stride as he decides to take to the balcony, the phones are out and it looked like he was having the time of his life.

Elvis Ain't Dead runs into Can't Help Falling in Love With You. For one moment Elvis had definitely not left the building. Christmas (in the air tonight) brought a festive feel as the gig closes, but it wouldn't be a Scouting For Girls concert without She's So Lovely. The fans dance, the band look on joyfully and everyone is united.

"You are going to write that they were fantastic" says the woman stood next to me. "Try and pass it back to them that it was my first time seeing them and I thought they were wonderful".

No doubt she, like the other 2,000 here tonight thought the same and yes we will all be back again.