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1:00 AM 16th March 2024

Seeing Double: How Quickly Can You Spot The Duplicate Game Show Box?

Amidst the three rows of green boxes lies two duplicates...

Inspired by both their partnership with ‘Deal or No Deal’ and their Secret Delivery challenge, which offers participants the chance to win a cool £1000 cash prize,
the team at the bingo site, tombola, have crafted a new brainteaser that’s certainly set to put your skills to the test.

The challenge is simple: find the duplicate boxes amongst the 12 in the image – and see how quickly you can spot them!

The average person can locate it in 18 seconds, but only one in three are able to find it in less than 5 seconds.

How will you do?

Can’t seem to find the twin boxes? Don’t worry, you can find the solution to the puzzle below.

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How long did it take you?

Brainteaser supplied by tombola