Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
4:06 PM 14th September 2018

September With Little Alf

It’s September! How it’s September already I have no idea as this year seems to have just flown by. The summer days appear to have come to an end and I’m sat with my winter jacket and beanie on today as the weather outside is looking a little bit grim… Alfie is outside in his field shelter waiting for me to bring him into his stable for the night…

As the nights begin to draw in Alfie’s winter coat has started coming through so he has some very fuzzy hair now until he gets all his winter coat – although he still looks very cute.

September is always the month when Alfie and I get ready before the Christmas rush. In October our book tour begins with the Horse of the Year Show in Birmingham. After that we are busy with books until the 24th December which is always a little bit crazy, but we love to be busy.

We are currently working on a new book which will be launched at the end of October. It’s a little bit different from our current books so I’m excited to see and hear what people think of this Little Alf story. All will be revealed a little later.

As the winter weather begins to set in I have been sorting out the tack room and feed room ready for winter as well as cleaning the stables with help from Elvis my springer spaniel puppy, who does more chewing than real actual help… but I’ve come across loads of old tack and horse products which I can’t do anything with.

I stopped riding when I was 17 due to finding out about my fractured vertebras so I’ve been looking up charities to which I can donate them. I have found several online who are looking for horse equipment to sell and use as raffle prizes so I’ll be packing them up next week and heading along to the post office.

Unfortunately Little Alf won’t be coming along with me to Birmingham so it’s Dad’s job to look after him – let's hope he doesn’t cause too much mischief!