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12:00 AM 18th May 2024

Settle Stories Honoured With Invitation To Buckingham Palace

Sita Brand & Tony Durcan
Sita Brand & Tony Durcan
Sita Brand, CEO of local arts charity Settle Stories has been invited to a prestigious garden party at Buckingham Palace.

The event was held on the 15th May to celebrate the contribution of the Cultural and Creative Industries to the social and economic fabric of the UK. The invitation came from Arts Council England which recognises the essential role of arts organisations like Settle Stories in enriching communities and encouraging cultural understanding.

Sita Brand attended the event with Chair of Settle Stories, Tony Durcan.

Sita said:

"We were deeply honoured to be invited to such a distinguished event. The recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and also to the importance of storytelling in fostering cultural and community spirit."

Tony Durcan added:

"The Garden Party was a wonderful way to celebrate the vibrant nature of the Cultural and Creative Industries of the UK."

Arts organisations encompass a wide range of sectors including theatre, film, music, storytelling and the visual arts. 2.3 million people are currently employed by these industries, contributing significantly to the British economy.

Events like the Buckingham Palace Garden Party highlight the importance of supporting and celebrating the arts. Arts industries provide a platform for people to come together, to connect, share and inspire future generations. Recognising the work of those involved within the arts is vital for the continued growth of the creative sector.

Settle Stories is dedicated to transforming lives through the power of story. The arts charity offers a wide range of programs and events to educate and inspire diverse audiences.

Settle Stories hosts the popular Yorkshire Festival of Story which takes place annually and attracts artists and audiences from around the globe. The festival is a celebration of storytelling and features performances, film, music and workshops for all ages.

Additionally, Settle Stories runs Stories for Schools, an educational programme aimed at schools and young people which focus on using storytelling as a tool for learning, enhancing literacy and fostering creative skills.

For more information about Settle Stories visit: