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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
12:00 AM 16th May 2024

Shaznay Lewis Wowing Her Audience

Shaznay Lewis
Photo: Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Shaznay Lewis Photo: Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Shaznay Lewis first formed All Saints way back in 1993 with her good friend Melanie Blatt. By 1997, they were an award-winning quartet, with added members Nicole and Natalie Appleton. Just 7 years later, she took her first baby steps towards solo success when her debut single, I’ve Never Felt Like This Before, hit #8 in the charts. The album Open followed, along with a side step into acting. She put her solo career on hold for 20 years after rejoining the band that made her name, but as she prepares for the release of her second solo album, Pages, she finally takes the stage as a solo artist for the first time.

To say The Jazz Café Camden is buzzing with anticipation would be to undersell the charged feeling of the heaving venue as they await the big debut. With family, friends, and fans in the audience, Shaznay slinks on to stage with a serious demeanour to kickstart her show with the loaded issiles. She delivers the number flawlessly, her vocals on point, and her audience rewards her with an overwhelming outpouring of love.

Showcasing her new album is the central focus of the evening, but the debut live performance of her aforementioned debut single is a key moment that melts the hearts of the audience. The audience joyfully sings along to All Saints singles Black Coffee, Never Ever, and Pure Shores, but her new material truly shines.

The iconic Shola Ama and General Levy join her on stage for the current single, Good Mourning, in what could easily have been the night's crowning moment. But the strength of Got To Let Go, Tears To The Floor, Pick You Up, and Bruises were strong contenders for that crown.

In her debut solo show, Shaznay Lewis demonstrated her exceptional writing talent. The songs may be strong, but it was her loving presence and striking vocals that made this a truly unforgettable night.

Wow. Just wow.