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6:01 PM 24th March 2021

SimplyBiz Launches Risk-controlled Investment Solutions Range

SimplyBiz has partnered with leading fund managers, BMO Global Asset Management, HSBC Asset Management and Verbatim, to create a range of risk-controlled investment solutions.

The range of solutions accesses the methodology of SimplyBiz’s strategic asset allocations (SAA), powered by leading independent investment consultancy, Hymans Robertson. Fund managers can choose to adhere to the SAA exactly, apply tactical tilts away from the SAA, or follow their asset allocation, but use the volatility parameters and strategic asset allocation of the risk profiles as a reference benchmark.

SimplyBiz’s Independent Investment Committee will analyse the risk controlled solutions, monitoring each solution to ensure the closest possible adherence to the expected customer outcomes for growth and retirement income objectives.

Reports on the approach used by each fund manager, and a performance analysis of the risk controlled solutions, will be issued quarterly to advisers.

Dan Russell, Managing Director of Distribution Services at SimplyBiz, commented: “Advisers are increasingly looking to pull solutions into their supply chain that match their advice process, so they can focus on delivering valuable financial planning. Through our partnership with Hymans Robertson, we are using institutional grade asset allocations for growth and retirement income, accessed through Defaqto’s market leading advice technology. We are now able to add leading asset managers to that supply chain, who have access to the SAA engine to continuously test their investment decisions, making these Risk Controlled Solutions the closest expression of the client’s expected outcome.

“More big names are due to join the Risk Controlled supply chain in the near future, with funds and MPS solutions using both growth and retirement income asset allocations. We expect Risk Controlled to become a cornerstone option within many advice firms’ CIP.”

Paul Waters
Paul Waters
Paul Waters, Head of Digital Wealth, Hymans Robertson, added: “Our strategic asset allocations are designed to provide the optimal framework for fund managers to develop solutions for a given customer risk and goal profile. They’ve been created through using a combination of our stochastic modelling engine to project future economic performance and investment expertise responsible for over £250bn assets. We are delighted to be partnering with SimplyBiz and using this capability to support financial advisers in delivering better outcomes for its members.”